What Are the Advantages of Plastic Crates

Why Choose Plastic Crates

When we talk about packing container, cardboard boxes & plastic crates are the most regular tools, also wooden boxes is often to see in the past. Compared with plastic crates, Cardboard boxes will much cheaper. However plastic crates is still very popular & recognised by all of the world. This post will tell you the reasons that make plastic crates an ideal option for moving your goods.

1. Adapt to Different Environments

Obviously the kind of crates is made from plastic, more exactly it’s high-density polyethylene plastic. So it’s Waterproof, moisture-proof & heat resistant. Which can work in many different complex environments.

2. Strong & Durable

For all plastic crates, including fruit & vegetable crates, milk crates or industrial crates, all are very strong & durable. First it’s designed with strong heavy-duty construction; then the special raw material. So it can stand with heavy weight.

3. Easily to Be Clean

It’s very easy to find the dust & dirt when you clean plastic crates. It can be cleaned with high pressure water gun easily. Then We can also sanitize it. Which can 100% guarantee it’s health & safety.

4. Very Convenient For Storage & Transport

There are many different colors & sizes for plastic crates. For different storage, you can choose the most suitable colors & sizes accordingly. Then it’s stackable, and no need to worry your goods getting crushed. Meanwhile it designed with handle, so it’s very convenient to take for human.

5. Environment Friendly

When you don’t use plastic crates, most of time you will use carton to replace it. However the number of times for plastic crates is limited. However the widely use of carton will consumes a lot of forest resources. So if we keep use plastic crates, which can help to protect our environment.

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