Plastic Pallets VS Wooden Pallets

Comparison Between Plastic Pallets & Wooden Pallets

Pallets is very often to see in our life. It play a very important role for transportation. Regularly pallets has several different materials, like wood, plastic, steel, iron, paper, foam and so on. Among them Wooden Pallets And Plastic Pallets are more popular. Because of the development of modern plastic industry, recent years there is a trend that Plastic pallets are more favored by enterprise.

So what’s the difference between plastic pallets and wooden pallets? Maybe you’re looking for the answers at this moment. This post did a detailed comparsion

No.1: The Weight Is Different

The most obvious difference is the weight. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallets are much lighters. So you can see it will be more convenient to carry, that’s one of the reason why people prefer to take plastic pallets.

No.2: Loading Capacity Is Different

Loading Capacity is a vital factory for pallets, Including static load capacity & dynamic load capacity. Normally For wooden pallets, dynamic load capacity is from 0.5T to 1.8T, static load capacity is from 1T to 3.6T, And there is no more other choice; For plastic pallets, the dynamic load capacity is from 0.5T to 2T, static load capacity is from 1T to 4T; More important, plastic pallets has more options.

No.3: The Features For Materials Is Different

If you worked in some moist and cold environment or just long-term exposure to chemical reagents, the plastic pallets will be your best choice. The plastic material has great characters, including anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-rust, anti-moth-eaten, no mildew and others you may not notice in the past or just troubled in…… all of these features are so excellent that wooden pallets can hardly catch up with. That’s the reason why many foods and pharmaceutical industries choose plastic pallet.

No.4: Environmental protection is different

Plastic pallets are more environment friendly, most of them that can be recycled & reused for many many times. However for the wooden pallets, you have to buy more trees, your thoughtful procurement plan can reduce the damage to the forests dramatically which caused by wooden products.

No.5: Cost & Price Is Different

Wooden pallets is very simples. And the production process is very easy. The highest cost of wooden pallets is the raw material. However plastic pallets will be more complicated. It need special machine to make them. So normally the price for plastic pallets is 3 times higher than wooden pallets.

No.6: Customs requirements are different

Pallets is very often to used in international sea transportation. Because wooden pallets is made of wood, there is possibility that it may contain insects. So The customs of various countries have fumigation requirements for wooden pallets. However for plastic pallets, there will no more requirements.

Where to buy Plastic Pallets ?


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